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Public Safety Reports

The former owners of the site will continue with environmental cleanup into the future, with a concentrated focus on cleaning the contaminated groundwater that is deep underground. These measures will protect contamination from reaching the river. Efforts will be monitored and reported to IDEM to assure continued public safety. These reports will be posted here for public view.

The Soil Management Plan (SMP) requires that the excavation trenches be monitored for ammonia and VOCs.  Thus far no detectable levels of ammonia or VOCs have been identified in any excavation trenches where workers are setting pipe.

Figure 1 shows the current progress of pipe installations for the project.  Since August 25 large amounts of clean soil have been brought to the Site from a nearby borrow pit and placed onto Lot 5 (see Figure 2), the southwestern portion of the Site.  The soil is being compacted in lifts to raise the lot to the proposed design elevation (the engineered soil cap).  Grade work is also being performed on Lot 4 that is located east of Lot 5.  Borrow soil is also being obtained from the southwestern portion of Lot 1 that had historically been residential.

The SMP requires that perimeter air sampling for dust and lead be conducted at the Site during construction activities; sampling locations are shown in Figure 1.  Available air sampling results are provided in Table 1.  Sporadic detections of dust have been identified by the monitoring.  This is not unexpected given many construction activities are going on in the area in addition to the work at the KPEP Site.  Major demolition and construction are occurring at the Jackson Street Bridge that crosses the White River.  Contractors performing the work are very diligent in keeping surfaces at the Site wet to minimize the generation of dust.

Detectable concentrations of lead were identified in dust samples the first three weeks of the project, particularly on August 23rd.  The detected levels were however well below the OSHA criteria, in most instances by two orders of magnitude (100X).  Since August 23rd no detectable lead concentrations have been identified in any air samples.

Mike McCann of IDEM VRP performed an unannounced inspection of the Site on August 17, 2017.  He noted in his attached report “that site activities were being conducted according to the agreed work plan and the workers, as well as the public, were being protected.” IDEM Inspection Report – Click Here to Open and Review.